Embark on an enchanting journey to Romania, a country of rich history, diverse landscapes, and vibrant culture! DESH International is excited to guide you through the wonders of this captivating Eastern European destination.

Discover Romania’s historical treasures, from the medieval charm of Transylvania’s castles, including Bran Castle famously linked to Dracula, to the architectural beauty of Bucharest, the capital city. Immerse yourself in the unique blend of influences shaped by Roman, Ottoman, and Austro-Hungarian civilizations.

Experience the breathtaking landscapes of Romania. Explore the mystical Carpathian Mountains, relax in the rejuvenating spas of the Prahova Valley, and take in the natural beauty of the Danube Delta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its diverse wildlife.

Indulge in Romania’s vibrant cultural tapestry. Enjoy traditional folk music and dance, savor the flavors of Romanian cuisine, and participate in lively festivals that showcase the country’s folklore and traditions.

Encounter the warmth and hospitality of Romania’s people. Engage with locals in charming villages, discover the craftsmanship of traditional artisans, and immerse yourself in the warm, welcoming atmosphere of Romanian communities.

Immerse yourself in seasonal delights. Witness the blooming wildflower meadows in spring, enjoy the warm summer days along the Black Sea coast, experience the colorful foliage of autumn, and embrace the magical winter festivities.

DESH International is dedicated to curating a personalized and memorable experience for your journey to Romania. Allow us to handle the details, ensuring you can fully enjoy the history, culture, and hospitality of this remarkable destination. Book your Romanian adventure with us today, and let the wonders of Romania unfold before you!

Required Documents

  1. Passport
  2. Photo (35mm*45mm, background white & without border, Lab Print)
  3. NID/English Birth Certificate
  4. Savings/FDR Bank Statement with solvency last 01 year with Min Balance for single Applicant 15 lac BDT, for Family every single person additional 03 Lac BDT
  5. Current Bank Statement last 01 year if Business person. If Employee, salary statement last 06 months with last 03 Pay Slip
  6. Updated Trade Licence or NOC if Employee & Job Letter
  7. TIN Certificate
  8. Last 02 years Tax Return Certificate
  9. Properties Documents Copy (Dalil/Khatian)
  10. Asset Valuation Report
  11. CA Report
  12. Chamber of Commerce Membership Documents (If have)
  13. Marriage Certificate (If Married)
  14. Hotel Booking Confirmation
  15. Air Ticket Reservation Copy

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