China, a vast and diverse country with a rich history, vibrant cultures, and stunning landscapes. DESH International is excited to be your guide as we explore the wonders of this East Asian giant.

Explore historical marvels like the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Terracotta Army in Xi’an, and the ancient water towns such as Zhouzhuang and Suzhou.

Witness the modern face of China in its bustling cities. Marvel at the futuristic skyline of Shanghai, home to towering skyscrapers like the Shanghai Tower. Explore the innovative architecture of Beijing’s CBD and experience the vibrant street life in cities like Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Delve into China’s rich cultural heritage by visiting traditional temples and historic sites. Explore the serene beauty of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, the ancient Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou, and the picturesque Lijiang Old Town with its ancient architecture.

Admire the unique karst landscapes in Guilin, where limestone peaks rise dramatically from the earth. Cruise along the Li River to witness the stunning scenery that has inspired poets and artists for centuries.

Discover the natural wonders of China, from the mystical Zhangjiajie National Forest Park with its towering sandstone pillars to the breathtaking landscapes of Jiuzhaigou Valley. Explore the Yellow Mountains for stunning vistas and Huanglong’s colorful pools.

DESH International is dedicated to creating a personalized and memorable experience for your journey to China. Let us handle the details, ensuring you can fully embrace the beauty, history, and diversity of this extraordinary country. Book your China adventure with us today, and let the wonders of China unfold before you!

Required Documents

  1. Passport
  2. Photo (Passport Size & Lab Print)
  3. NID/English Birth Certificate
  4. Savings/FDR Bank Statement with solvency last 03 months with Min Balance for single Applicant 01 lac BDT, for Family additional 03 Lac BDT
  5. Current Bank Statement last 06 months if Business person. If Employee, salary statement last 06 months with last 03 Pay Slip
  6. Updated Trade Licence or NOC if Employee & Job Letter
  7. TIN Certificate
  8. Marriage Certificate (If Married)

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